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Have you met Ross and Carly?

Ross Macalester is forty-three, rich, famous, and plain worn out. Life has been nothing but sex, drugs, and rock and roll for twenty years, and he’s not sure he can stomach one more minute of the party. When an invitation to his twenty-fifth high school reunion shows up, Ross decides he has nothing to lose–after all, he already lost his daughter’s love and a fair amount of self-respect. So he catches a flight back to his hometown, but when he walks in the door of the high school gym, his gaze lands on someone he never expected to see again. 

Carly Ellis is busy, getting by, and most days pretty happy. Life hasn’t always been easy, but she has her teenage son, a good job in real estate, and an ex who doesn’t cause too much trouble. Granted, she’d rather skip her high school reunion, but when your best friend is on the organizing committee, there’s no getting out of it. Then she walks through the door of the high school gym and her gaze lands on someone she never expected to see again. 

Once upon a time, Carly was Ross’s high school prom date. One very sweet night that both of them knew didn’t mean a thing. Now they have a chance to do it again. Same conditions. Same game. But after a night in Carly’s arms, Ross isn’t sure he wants it to end. Could she be the answer to everything he’s been missing? A key to the future he secretly wants? With life offering him a second act, will Ross be able to pull off his most important encore ever?¬†Encore is an uplifting rockstar, second-chance, single parent, high school reunion romance with a hero who needs a little reboot, a heroine who’s strong enough to give it to him, two sassy teens, a perfect HEA, and an iguana named Chuck–just because.

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Did you love THE DUKE? My next release in January will be set in the same world. The Duke’s younger cousin, Lady Georgina, meets Chicago hockey star, Deke Cushner, and the sparks fly. Look for LADY AND THE PUCK: A Standalone Royal Hockey novel in March.

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