Contests, Awards, and Praise – Oh My!

GREAT NEWS!! I’ve just found out that LOVE, LIES, AND BRITISH SPIES was a Finalist in the Winter Rose Romance Contest!
I entered the contest some time ago, before I had a publishing contract for the book, and frankly, I’d sort of forgotten all about it! So, since the book is already being published, and the contest is for unpublished works, I’ve given up my finalist slot to someone else and now they can have the opportunity to get their work read by an editor at Harlequin. However, the lovely folks at the Yellow Rose chapter of RWA will list me as an “Honorable Mention” in their results. The perils of getting a publishing contract before contests you entered have been completed!

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  1. I have known Selena for twenty five years. We have become much closer since the invention of Facebook and she was one of my first choices for our Global Village. She has amazing insight a true way with words and I wait in great anticipation for this book. It is very exciting to be on the ground floor of something that is going to be so successful!

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