Sneak Peek Sunday 4-14!

Ooops! I nearly forgot to post this week, lovelies! So sorry. I’ve got visiting relatives and kids off of school and my brain is bouncing in my head like popcorn in a hot pot of oil. So, here’s this week’s selection from LOVE, LIES AND BRITISH SPIES. Make sure to tune in next week when you’ll get the whole prologue as a special treat because the next day is LAUNCH DAY! 🙂

Owen walked off-stage riding that wave of adrenaline he always had at the end of a great show. He was very pleased with the reception his new material had gotten, and he was quite full of himself for his impromptu performance of the song he’d written for Eva. He entered his dressing room and packed up his guitar. He was rummaging through the mini-fridge looking for a good bottle of ale when Derrick and Alicia entered. They both came running down the hall, breathing heavily, and then ground to a halt at the doorway.

Owen looked up from where he was crouching on the floor in front of the small fridge, “Cheers, mates! What a brilliant night, yeah?”

Derrick grimaced and looked at Alicia, “Uh, yeah lad, you were bloody fantastic. What did Eva think of her song?” he continued, embarking on the Hail Mary of all fishing expeditions.

“Oh, I don’t know, she hasn’t gotten back here yet,” Owen said turning to the fridge and  pulling  out  a  bottle  of…something. “What tosser put this in my fridge? Does this even qualify as ale?”

Alicia and Derrick looked at each other glumly. They had scoured the theatre—no Eva. If she wasn’t here with Owen then they had to fess up to the truth. Alicia took a step towards him and said, “We need to chat with you for a bit.”

He looked up at her and blinked as if just realizing that she was in the room. Flashing her a quick smile he stood up in one smooth movement, bottle still in hand. “Of course, love, what’s up?”

Derrick and Alicia traded looks and Derrick cleared his throat. “You know we were up in the booth, right, mate?”

Heart beating a rapid tattoo, Owen nodded.

“Well, we watched Eva very carefully. One of us had our eye on her the whole time.”

“You bloody well better have,” Owen gritted out.

Alicia reached out and touched Owen’s arm. “The Abdul brothers were in the audience as well.”

Owen glanced from Alicia to Derrick. “One of you had better get to the point bloody quick or I’m going to start breaking things and I don’t mean the furniture.” He slammed the bottle down on the dressing table with such force that it shattered and sent beer foaming all over the table top and onto floor.

Alicia blanched and Derrick quickly moved to place himself between her and Owen. It was a silly gesture since Alicia was just as well trained in combat as Derrick, but it still hinted at a sweetness that was unexpected from MI6’s god of good times.

“Look,” Derrick said slowly, “we kept an eye on the situation the entire time. We couldn’t go charging down there and tip them off that we were on to them. We weren’t sure what weapons they might have and there were just too many civilians—including Eva—nearby to risk one of them pulling a gun and blasting his way out of there. We figured they  couldn’t  get  away  in the midst of all those people, so we radioed down and set two of the security agents on the exit doors.”

“Where is she?” Owen demanded.

Alicia sighed heavily. “We don’t know.”

“What the hell do you mean, you don’t know?” Owen bellowed.

“Look, lad, let’s not panic yet,” Derrick said putting his hands out as if to hold off Owen’s advance.

“No? Don’t panic you say? Buggering shite, Derrick! Hassam knew I was the agent scheduled to receive the intelligence, he hates me and he wanted to put a crimp in the works, so he took my wife, man, my wife!” Owen paced up and down the tiny room running his hands through his hair. “I trusted the two of you with the one person who means more to me than anyone else in this world and you lost her?”

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