Sneak Peek Sunday April 21st!

Tomorrow is RELEASE DAY! And in order to celebrate LOVE, LIES, AND BRITISH SPIES launch into the big old world, today’s Sneak Peek is special: The ENTIRE Prologue! Eeep! So, enjoy a look at how our hero and heroine first meet, and remember to look for the book tomorrow at your favorite ebook store:


London—six months ago
It must have hurt. She’d slammed her toe into the metal shelves so hard that they vibrated. He watched her pretty face crumple briefly; then her chest expanded as she inhaled and carefully schooled her features. Undoubtedly she didn’t want anyone to notice her clumsy path through the Tesco Market. He kept watching her as she limped very slightly for several more steps, tossing things into her trolley seemingly at random. She kept looking over her left shoulder as if expecting someone to come up behind her. That concerned him oddly enough.

He didn’t generally notice particular women out in public unless he was supposed to be looking for a contact. He’d trained himself years ago not to be distracted by long legs, shiny hair or a great arse. He just couldn’t afford to spend his time idly checking out the world’s beautiful women. He got plenty of chances to check out the ones he needed to get close to for work. But he was on holiday for the next month. The first one he’d had in nearly a year, and so he’d let his guard down just enough to become fascinated by this slightly awkward blonde making her way through the store trying not to maim herself or damage merchandise.

He continued watching her as she travelled up the canned goods aisle, while he simultaneously skirted the end shelves, casually but efficiently taking items like cereal and tea and placing them in his trolley. He turned into the beverage aisle and headed north, just as she came down the same aisle going south. Three, two, one: he flicked his wrist slightly to the right, nicking the edge of her trolley just as they began to pass each other.

“Oh! Shit!” she squeaked just before she slapped her hand over her mouth, her blue eyes growing wide and her round cheeks turning a lovely shade of crimson.

He smoothed on his best “trustworthy guy” smile, the one he often used on female domestic staff when he was trying to gain entry somewhere he wasn’t welcome. “Completely my fault, love. Are you all right?”

She kept her hand over her mouth for a moment staring at him and nodding. Then, as if realizing how silly she must look, she pulled her hand down, stood up a little straighter, gave him a tightlipped smile in return and said in the flattest Yank accent he’d heard in ages, “Yes, of course, no worries, really.”

“You’re sure?” he said, his white teeth flashing in a smile of earnest concern. “Um,  yes…” she replied, slightly star struck.

“I know this might seem rather forward of me,” he began, “but may I introduce myself?”
Her brows came together and she licked her lips nervously indicating she was unsure about this one, but he quickly moved to reassure her. “I’ll tell you my name, but you don’t have to tell me your real name. Make something up! Just don’t forget what it is so that if I get so lucky as to see you here again and I call out to you, you’ll actually answer.”

She giggled at that and her whole body finally relaxed, as if she’d been holding it tensed in preparation for an impact or a shock. Holding out a smooth white hand with long shapely fingers she smiled genuinely this time and said, “I’m Eva, and I haven’t ever shopped here before actually, so I’m not sure if you’ll run into me again, but it’s nice to meet you.”

He took the proffered hand and thought briefly that it might be the softest, sweetest thing he’d touched in a very long time. “Owen Martin and I have to say with all sincerity, that I hope you’ll consider making Tesco a regular part of your life, as it’s the only place I ever shop when I’m in London and I would very much like to see you again, Eva.”

She blushed more, slowly removing her hand from his. “Well, I’ll certainly take it under  consideration…Owen.” she said sweetly.

“Lovely,” he winked and carefully maneuvered his trolley out of her way, whistling softly to himself.

He went to Tesco every day at the same time for the next week. So did she.


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