Tuesday Teaser CAMOUFLAGED!

Alright, you’ve been asking for more Gabe, so here we have the moment when Alpha guy Gabe falls hard for his spunky heroine, Alexis. Try not to cry ladies, Gabe just left the market.

Camouflaged will be out in October, and in the meantime you can read about Gabe’s best friend, Nick, in Hidden available now! http://amzn.to/13Lk7Hz

Then without any warning at all, she stepped forward, bringing her into full contact with me, toe to chest. She was warm and I could feel her soft breasts give way against my chest as she stood up on her tiptoes. She reached up and put her hand along my cheek, the stubble there making a rasping noise against her palm.

Her lips parted and for a minute I thought she was going to kiss me. I felt my breath hitch with the anticipation, and my hands automatically went to her hips. I looked down at her trying to decipher what was going through her mind.

“Please don’t do that to yourself,” she said softly as she rubbed her thumb across my lips. “Don’t make what he did your sin. You’re smart and charming and young. You can be anyone you want. You could have been fathered by the devil himself and it wouldn’t matter. Be you, but be the best you, not some bad rendition of him.”

She licked her lips and we froze for a moment that seemed to carry on for hours. Finally, she stepped back, taking her hand off my face, and it was like I’d surfaced from being underwater. The sounds around me rushed back in as if I’d been deaf and could now hear. The tightness of the space was overwhelming and I felt my heart pull inside my chest until it was physically painful. I swallowed, trying to overcome the feeling, but it lodged there like a burning lump of coal.

I unconsciously put my fist up to my chest, wondering how I was supposed to do anything with that pain there. Alexis continued staring at me with her luminous eyes. All at once I blinked, and she dropped her gaze. I said, “I’d better check how everything looks at the street.” And I left.

Pure passion

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser CAMOUFLAGED!

  1. Smokin’ hot. I will be so glad when my GRE studying and test taking business are done so I can sit on my bum and read books. I’m amassing quite a collection of goodies on my Kindle for that wonderful time.

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