Tuesday Teaser – CONCEALED!

Ok, y’all, I am going to throw you a bone from way far into the future. HIDDEN is book #1 in the Hiding From Love series, and it is available NOW (go forth and buy it, lovelies:  http://amzn.to/13Lk7Hz). The next book to come out will be CAMOUFLAGED, which is a novella prequel to Hidden. Camouflaged will be released in early October. After Camouflaged is CONCEALED, and yes, I’ve already started writing that one, mostly because it has the same hero and heroine as Camouflaged. Concealed will be released (hopefully) in December. Whew! Tired yet? I know I am. Anyway, today’s teaser is from Concealed, which is all about Gabe and Alexis after Afghanistan and after being apart for a couple of years. This is what their reunion looks like…Watch out, Alpha-induced bumps ahead:

Chapter One
The guy standing in front of me was a pussy. Granted, I didn’t know him, but I could tell. Little wire rimmed glasses, floppy brown hair, t-shirt with the damn chemical formula for coffee on the front of it – a pussy, and he’d just answered the door at the apartment of the woman I’d come 4,000 miles to see.
“Can I help you?” he said as he fiddled with his iPhone.
“Yeah, I’m here to see Alexis.” I inhaled and smelled the faint odor of bacon cooking from inside the apartment.
The guy finally quit fucking with the phone and looked up at me. I saw when it happened. That moment he realized who I was.
“You’re fucking kidding me,” he muttered, a scowl settling on his face.
I smiled, sort of. “Excuse me?”
“Marco? Who’s at the door?” I heard her call from inside. The adrenaline shot through my system and I clenched my fists, the need to take some sort of physical action nearly overwhelming. Knowing she was that close, but this asshole was literally and figuratively in between us was almost more than I could bear.
Marco the pussy was still standing there staring at me, and before he could gather himself to answer, Alexis peeked out from behind him, trying to see who was interrupting their domestic bliss at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning.
The smile she started out with dropped from her face, and I could see her skin visibly pale. She stepped out from behind her boyfriend and gaped at me.
“Hey babe,” I said cheerfully. “How the hell are you?”

Passionate Couple in Love

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