Tuesday Teaser – CAMOUFLAGED!

Special treat today lovelies!  You get a teaser from Gabe and Alexis along with the cover reveal for their novella! Here’s the Teaser, and then read on for the blurb and the super cool cover:


“So, no kiss for good luck?” I asked as I got my guns ready and strapped on.
“You’re hopeless.”
“Yeah, but I’m hot, you even admitted it.”
“Aagh!” she yelled in exasperation.
“C’mon, one little kiss. I’m a soldier, thousands of miles from home, about to face dangerous enemies out in the cold desert night. Don’t all warriors deserve a kiss goodbye from a pretty girl?”
“Fine,” she snapped. “Get over here.”
I sauntered closer, stopping only when I was towering over her the way I had that first day in her tent, when I’d nearly had her panties wet from the heat between us.
So quiet it was almost a whisper I said, “Like this?”
She swallowed and I heard her breath kick up a notch. “That’ll do.”
“So what now?”
She stared up at me, and licked her lips.
It took every ounce of self-control I had not to pounce on those gorgeous plump jewels, but I wanted this too much for that. For once, I didn’t want to be the instigator. I wanted, no I needed, her to do this. I needed to know that she felt this thing between us like I did. I needed to know that I didn’t force her to forsake college boy back home. She had to choose, and god I wanted her to choose me.
“Now,” she answered me as she put one hand on the back of my neck, “you lean down.”
I lowered my head, smelling the dust and sweat of two days with no shower, but also the minty smell that was Alexis in my mind. I stopped, a hair’s breadth from her mouth, her breath sweeping over my face. My voice was hoarse when I spoke again.
“What next?”
“Hold still and hold on,” she whispered in her low, sultry voice.
The moment her lips touched mine my self-control broke. Want raged through me from my dick to my chest and everywhere in between. The adrenaline surged from my fingertips to my toes, and I put one arm around her waist and pulled her against me. My other hand wound its way into her thick, wavy hair, and she moaned as I slid my tongue across her lips.
I lost the ability for rational thought—the cave, the danger, the desert, all of it gone in a flaming tower of need. I had never felt anything like it, and I was half afraid my heart might not be able to stand the shock.
I slid my tongue into her mouth, tasting the cinnamon gum she’d been chewing, and I felt her hips press against me. She shifted her mouth slightly and I crushed her lips beneath mine as I skimmed my tongue across her teeth and nipped at her bottom lip.
My hand at her waist slipped lower and I cupped her ass, pushing her hard against my dick. With my other hand I pulled her head back and dropped my lips to that gorgeous, tender little earlobe I’d watched and dreamed about for days. The metal of the tiny gold stud was cool on my tongue and her earlobe was soft and warm. She gasped as I sucked it into my mouth and ground against her harder.
“God, Gabe,” she breathed.
“You’re not kidding,” I answered as I moved lower on her neck, sucking and licking, tasting the salt on her skin and feeling her soft hair against my rough cheek.
Her hand on the back of my neck stroked the skin there and I felt her other hand clutching my bicep. “Gabe,” she said again, her voice strained.
“I think, I think we need to stop.”
“No,” I answered as I took her lips again.
She pushed gently at my chest, and I reluctantly pulled away from her mouth.
“Really?” I said with my forehead leaning against hers.
“For now,” she answered.


Gabe Thompson enlisted to help out his buddy, but three years later he’s 100% US military bad boy, serving in the desert of Afghanistan where the days are hot, but the nights are hotter.

Alexis Garcia is out to save the world. The University of Texas freshman has come to Afghanistan to do aid work with the United Nations. She’s all about the peace, and she has no use for the camp’s biggest, baddest, gun toting player.

But, sometimes camouflage is more than a color, and people aren’t what they seem. When conflict develops not only between Gabe and Alexis, but also all around them, they’re forced to look deeper, and what they find will rock their worlds and change their hearts forever.

Camo cover


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