The Cover Gal

This week’s featured cover is A Perfect Mess by Zoe Dawson, cover designed by Okay Creations. This cover is all about mood. It’s created by the color scheme, the model’s expression, the texture that overlays the photo. There isn’t one distinctive thing that “makes” this cover, or even one distinctive thing that symbolizes the story this cover is about. It’s an overall feel and mood that’s created and honestly, it may or may not have a damn thing to do with the actual plot, but it’s appealing and enticing, and so kudos to Okay Creations (one of the hottest cover design firms around right now).

A Perfect Mess-2

This week’s “Also Rans” include:

Last of the Season by Holley Trent:











Healing Rain by Karen-Anne Stewart:

HealingRaincover copy










Love and Candy by Elizabeth Famous:

front cover high quality-1

3 thoughts on “The Cover Gal

  1. Oooo the cover of Last of the Season. Love those old style motels…the ones that usually smell like mildew, have outrageously bad comforters but have a pool and those lounge chairs with the straps… Retro.

    1. My husband loves traveling the countryside and taking pictures of retro motel signs. (This one is from a stock image, though.) Every time we go someplace new, that’s the first thing he looks for.

      If we can help it, we stay in a chain place, but every now and then you have no choice and end up in one of those places with bad comforters and pillows. In fact, that’s what inspired this story. X-(

  2. I also love the cover for Last of the Season. These posts are always bad for me because I end up adding books to my to-read list, which is already a million books long.

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