Tuesday Teaser – Better Late Than Never Camouflaged

Some days are like this, lovelies, and some weeks are too! But, better late than never, I wanted to give you another little taste of Camouflaged, which is off with beta readers now – yay!

Warning – Steamy Scenes Ahead:

She laughed as I kissed her, and pushed her down on my cot where she collapsed in a heap. “Fifteen minutes?” she asked.

“You’re going to have to work fast, aren’t you?”
I lay down beside her, shoving her t-shirt up and planting kisses on her stomach. “Babe, I can make you come in three minutes flat if I set my mind to it,” I mumbled as I worked my way up toward her breasts.
She shoved at me in mock indignation. “You are so full of yourself. I don’t have to cooperate, you know. You won’t be able to do it in three minutes without my coopera . . . ahhh. Oh my god, Gabe. Holy . . . mmm. That feels so good.”
I licked around her nipples while idly rubbing the heel of my hand against her core. “You were saying?” I grinned as I watched her eyes flutter and then shut.
“I don’t know. But don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”
“Your wish is my command.”
I unsnapped her shorts and moved my hand down under the fabric, finding that little point and pressing on it rhythmically until she was panting and moaning. Then, I slipped my finger inside, where she was already drenched and using my thumb on her clit, I hooked my middle finger and found that special spot inside as I stroked in and out, rubbing up and down.
Two minutes and ten seconds later she cried out, “Oh, god, Gabe? Oh, god, please, yes. Yes. Yes,” as she shattered on my bed, convulsing around my hand so fiercely that it was all I could do not to join her.
When she was done, she slowly opened her eyes as I stared down at her. “God,” she whispered. “You weren’t kidding. You really are that good.”



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