The Cover Gal!

Happy Back to School time lovelies! I’ve got two fabulous featured covers this week, and as a special treat a little post about how my newest cover was developed. Enjoy!

Featured Cover: The Makeover by Monica Garry-Allen

Oh my gosh, y’all! Remember the “cartooney” covers of Chick Lit fame? Well move over, this is way better! It’s got the vibe of romantic comedy, but with a dash of sophistication that is a major upgrade. I adore it! This beauty was designed by Charisma Knight (great name too!).




Featured Cover: Odin’s Murder by Angela Lawson and Kira A. Gold

I’ve got to give this one props just for the name. We’re Scandinavian here at Casa Laurence, and so any reference to the great god Odin is well-received. In addition, it’s a very nice atmospheric cover. Without having read the book I can’t be sure what the feather and the braceleted arm mean, but they create an effect that’s mysterious, and perfect for something with “murder” in the title. The whole thing makes me think of a game of Clue, and I mean that in the best possible way. This cover was designed by Angsty G Design, who I have to say have an exceptional website, go check it out (

odins-murder-final cover

Instead of Also Rans, this week I’m going to tell you about my newest cover:

Camouflaged – A Hiding From Love Novella.

Developing the cover for Camouflaged was a harder task than I might have initially predicted. There were several parameters guiding the project. The first was that Camo is a prequel to my current release, Hidden. Therefore, as part of a series, it needed to have a cover that was similar in look and feel to the cover for Hidden. Hidden takes place in Hawaii, and thus the cover shows a couple on a beach in swimsuits. However, here’s where Camo got tough. The story takes place in Afghanistan, during the U.S. military operations. The location meant one thing: rocky desert. Finding a great photo of a couple who were vertical (to match Hidden), in a desert proved to be next to impossible. I looked and looked and looked at stock photos.

Finally, I gave up and picked some other pictures that I felt conveyed who the hero is even though they didn’t provide the setting I wanted. Then the designing began. We (and when I say ‘we’ I completely mean my cover designer the great Arijana of Cover It! Designs) cropped and flipped and generally fussed with various photos until I had to admit defeat. We tried other settings, fonts, colors, you name it. It still wasn’t right. Finally, one day I found a photo of a hot couple in a desert. I was ecstatic. Here’s the cover Arijan did for me along with the cover for Hidden so you can see if you think they’re similar enough to communicate, “Series,” but also unique as to setting and the characters themselves.

Camo coverHIDDENcover

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