The Cover Gal

Welcome to this week’s Cover Gal! This week to celebrate the end of summer, I’m featuring two beachy covers. The first is Watercolor by Leigh T. Moore. And a fun fact about this cover is that it was designed by none other than well known YA/NA author Jolene Perry. Who knew, right? The two things I like best about this cover are the mixed fonts in the title, and the dragonfly logo. It’s a great way to tie a series together visually, while leaving the designer more freedom in the designs of each separate book. Nice job!

WATERCOLOR ebook-1 copy


The second beach cover is Disconnected by Bethany Daniel. The cover was designed by Cover It! Designs. This one also makes good use of fonts, with the lettering of “Disconnected” creating the sensation of something lacking substance and foundation, something free to float away. The cropping on this one is interesting too, with the male in the photo being off-center, making the female seem more significant.


Finally, in the Also Ran category this week is the fun cover to Anywhere With You by Kaylee Ryan. This one was designed by Okay Creations.

anywhere with you

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