The Cover Gal!

I’m super excited this week because I’ve got three very different covers. It’s all about the diversity today!

This week’s featured cover is Aching To Exhale by Debra Kayn. Debra designed this one herself (she’s talented that gal) but she also had a little help from her son! I think my favorite part about Deb’s cover (well other than the obvious – can you say pecs?) is the use of shades of blue. Deb’s managed to do “dark” while still providing enough color to be eye catching. Unlike some of the trendy black and white covers, the colors on this one add weight to it, which is in keeping with the biker genre. Here’s what you need to know about Aching to Exhale:

Raul Sanchez, president of the Lagsturns Motorcycle Club, proved himself over the span of eight years to lead the outlaw bikers. No longer able to distinguish right from wrong, the undercover FBI agent is after blood when he finds out the Mexican Mafia took his woman. When he finds out his other half is still alive, he sheds the badge, throws himself into chaos, and seeks biker justice. Because any man who touches his woman is going to die.

Swinging on a pole in a seedy lounge in Palm Springs, Crystal Rose works to keep herself one-step away from trouble.With a prior rap sheet of pissing off a rival MC president, shacking up with a crazed out drug addict who used her for collateral against the Mafia, she’s one day away from disaster. All she wants is the one man who rocks her world. But she can’t go back, because loving Raul could get him killed.

perfectlagsturnscover - 800-1

In the Also Rans this week we have an anthology cover, Love and Other Games, by Ana Blaze, Melinda Dozier, Aria Kane, and Kara Leigh Miller. This cover was designed by the publisher.

Love and Other Games Cover copy


And finally, we have another cover that’s a family affair. Secrets is by Becca Lee Nyx, and the cover photo was taken by her cousin, Cassie Ballard, while the cover editor was Becca’s husband, Peter McDaniel. Way to go all!


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