The Cover Gal!

Oh my, I am in cover heaven! You would not believe all the gorgeous covers I got this week. It was tough to choose a feature, but here it is:

Right Now, by Marie Hall, cover designed by Regina Wamba at

Right Now ebooklg-1

I chose this one not because it’s my favorite out of the bunch (in all honesty, it was one of three favorites this week!) But, rather because it uses a technique common to romance covers — the inclusion of a smaller picture within the larger design — that I usually hate. Huh? You ask. Why would you choose a cover with a style you hate? Well, surprisingly, this cover uses the technique WELL. Yes, I finally see how the style can be done right. I’m a minimalist for the most part when it comes to covers. Anyone who’s looked at the covers to my Hiding From Love series can probably surmise that. So, when covers use multiple elements and photos, I tend to find it cluttered and that, my friends, is not a good thing in a cover. However, Regina manages to use at least three different visual elements that I can see (the large photo, the small-full-length photo, and the decorative graphic across the bottom), but blends them so well and makes them so seamless, that it doesn’t look a bit cluttered. If I were more of an expert in graphics I’m sure I could describe why hers works better than others with a similar approach, but regardless, this is by far the best example I’ve seen, and a really gorgeous cover to a book that I’m looking forward to reading (if you haven’t read the precursor, A Moment, go get it!).

Now, scroll down to see the other four gorgeous covers that were Also Rans this week!

Because of Lucy, by Lisa Swallow, designed by the publisher.

Because of Lucy

Knowing Vera, by Rachel Ayala, designed by Robin Ludwig  at


Vision of Shadows, by Vincent Morrone, designed by the publisher.

VisionOfShadowsHighRes (7)

The Tempering, by Adrianne James, designed by Gonet Design

Ebook Cover-1

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