The Cover Gal!

So, this was another one of those weeks, y’all. The world is FULL of fabulous covers! Here’s the three I chose this week:

My featured cover this week is for This is Forever, a Thirteen Shades of Red novel, by S.A. Price. And lovelies, there’s just one word for why I picked this one: It’s freakin’ hot! (ok, that was three words, whatever) Photography for this one is by the well-known romance photographer Jenn LeBlanc, of The Illustrated Romance/Studio Smexy, and the cover was designed by the author, who is a highly talented cover artist as well:


Now, there were other great covers this week as well. Here’s the Also Rans, and can I just say, “Well Done” Everyone!

Seducing Phoebe, by Nicole Flockton, cover designed by the publisher.

Seducing Phoebe-1 copy

Meant For Her by Raine Thomas. Cover Images by Kelsey Kukal-Keeton with KKeeton Designs, Cover designed by Regina Wamba of Mae I Design.

Meant for Her -ebooksm-1

And finally, another cover by the perversely talented (and trust me, she’ll be totally fine I described her that way!) Stella Price (with photography by Jenn LeBlanc), Eternal Echoes by Anastasia Virgas:


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