The Cover Gal – 10 Weeks In Review

Alright cover fans, today marks the TENTH edition of The Cover Gal! Can you believe it? So, today we’re doing something a little different, we’re going to review some of those ten weeks of covers, and learn a little more about the designers who created them. It’s pretty amazing what these artists can do with a stock photo and some wicked fonts. Take a look:

First up is MaeIDesign

Forged by the creative hands of Regina Wamba in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Mae I Design is a
boutique book design company that packs a lot of punch. Having been interested in art most of her life,
Regina studied Visual Communications and Graphic Design at Brown College which helped
hone her skills in painting, drawing and photography. (from their website)

MaeIDesign designed both of these former Cover Gal featured covers:

Meant for Her -ebooksm-1Right Now ebooklg-1

Next up is Okay Creations

The cover is the potential readers first impression of your book. It is the advertisement for your book.  We can make it better than just okay. (from their website)
Okay worked on these covers from our files:
anywhere with you
A Perfect Mess-2
Another well-known design firm is Cover It! Designs
They worked on these covers from The Cover Gal’s archives:
Camo coverDisconnected
Cover to Cover Designs is also an active firm that has designed covers spotlighted here on The Cover Gal
Cover to Cover is a freelance design studio focusing on personalized, affordable services for self-published authors. I offer book cover designs for ebooks as well as print on demand (such as Createspace). Focus on your writing and let me take care of your cover and identity branding! You’re not ordinary – so don’t settle for ordinary or boring for your book covers or web site! I will make sure you shine, dazzle, and impress! (from their website)
I have to say that this cover is one of my favorites we’ve had recently:
And our final design firm is Go Book Cover Designs
We are excited to have the opportunity to work with authors on their book cover design needs. Book cover designs are custom created based on photographic elements and illustrations by a Photoshop artist with more than 15 years of experience. Author input is invaluable when designing book covers. We ask for opinions and make changes to the book cover along the way to achieve the results your book deserves. (from their website)

Go Book Cover designed this cover from our archives:


Thanks so much for hanging out with The Cover Gal for the last ten weeks. Cheers to ten more!

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