The Cover Gal!

It’s this week’s Cover Gal, and we’ve got some interesting things that are a little different this week. First off, is an article from Huffington Post about the booming business of Indie Cover design, and the importance of book covers. There’s a reason you see all these gorgeous covers on my site, y’all. They matter, and there are some amazingly talented designers out there making sure our books look the way they should.

Here’s the link to the article:

Next, we’ve got our featured covers! The first cover I really love, both the design and the tagline.

Drowning by Rachel Firasek. Cover designed by Marion Sipe.


The second cover is the sequel to a book we featured previously on The Cover Gal.

After the Rain by Karen-Anne Stewart.



And finally, our second special treat this week, a book trailer for After the Rain! I have to admit that I’m typically on the fence about book trailers. But this one’s got a fascinating storyline and some beautiful images. Take a look!

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