The Cover Gal – Sort of!

Thursdays are The Cover Gal. Everyone knows that, right? Of course! You wait all week long for it, it’s the highlight of your pre-weekend sprint! Well, guess what? No Cover Gal today! Aww, it’s okay, lovelies. I have something even better: a super pretty graphic announcing a super special deal to get you ready for the release of Camouflaged (October 27th)! Yep, for the next five days, Hidden, the  standalone sequel to Camouflaged, will be FREE! Yes darlings, I said FREE!!! I want everyone to have it so they can read it and Camouflaged together! What a deal. Spread the word, tell your friends, and enjoy some hot beach fun for free!

Download it right here:

Love, Selena.

Hidden Sale-1

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