Camouflaged is Here!!

Wait…A Sunday post? Yes, it’s true, I don’t regularly do Sunday posts, but today is special because Camouflaged is finally here! It’s live on Amazon (BN and Kobo hopefully will show up soon), waiting for you to read the heck out of it 😉 It’s already done so well. It actually went live late Friday and simply through some friends and fans grabbing it has reached Top 50 in War Fiction. Yay Camo! Way to Go!

As an added bonus, Camouflaged has three special excerpts at the end: one from its sequel, Hidden. One from Rouge by the amazingly talented Leigh Talbert Moore, and one from the Bestseller, Very Bad Things, by Ilsa Madden-Mills. This little Novella packs a lot of punch for $.99.

I hope you read it and enjoy it. I hope you’ll leave me a review on Amazon, and I hope you’ll keep in touch by signing up for my newsletter, “liking” my FB page, or following me on Twitter (all these can be found on my homepage).

And thanks as always, for being such fabulous readers and friends. I couldn’t do it without all of you!


Camo cover

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