Blogger Love – The Book Queen!

I’m really excited today to have one of my all-time favorite bloggers, The Book Queen. Her moniker is perfect, because she is always gracious and rules her blog with kindness and justice. Let’s find out all about the lovely Book Queen and her Palace of Books.

TBQ Graphic

1. When and how did you decide to become a book blogger?
Back in 2007, I stumbled upon the online romance community  through a group in LibraryThing. After chatting with various readers on that group for a few months, it hit me — I want to do a blog. Like with many romance readers, I don’t know anyone near me that reads the same genre, so I craved that connection, that ability to chat about a book or author or troupe and have others respond back, rather than giving me a blank look. 😉 And so TBQ’s Book Palace was born.
It took a while to learn the ropes, and I’m still learning, but I’d like to think that the blog has come a long, loooong way since those early days. New graphics and layouts, more author posts and giveaways, as well as the addition of my guest reviewers, Kame, Pat and Musing Maddie.

2. How did you come up with your blog’s name?
Well, all through middle school and highschool, my best friend and I had nicknames, mostly used in emails. Mine was, as you may have guessed, The Book Queen. We always dreamed of opening a small bookstore in our home town; we had ideas and even a name picked out for it: The Book Palace. Now, when I started the blog, I wanted to merge the two. Hence, TBQ’s Book Palace. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to post that The Book Palace has moved from dream to reality… *dreamy sigh*

3. What makes your blog unique and/or different?
Besides the fact that it’s from me? 😉 Hehe. Well, I started a weekly meme 3 years ago, Lusting for Covers. Then, just last year, I started a new group — Ink Readers, a pen pal program for book lovers. Finally, earlier this year another blogger (Wickedly Delicious) and I started a discussion group: Shifter-a-Thon-Read-a-Long. You can find more information about all three on the blog!

4. What is your “philosophy” regarding book reviews?
Hm.. They should be honest, but not rude. If you don’t like a book, that’s fine! Tell me why, but don’t bash the author, book, or fans of the book in the process. It should tell me why to read (or avoid!) this book; including reasons, proof, or quotes to back it up. And personally I like the reviews that sound like a conversation I’d have with a friend about the book, rather than a book report or technical analysis.

5. What are your favorite genres to read/review, and why?
Anything romance, of course! Over the years I’ve spread out into various genres. You name it, I’ve read it, and enjoyed it, before. Historical, contemporary, paranormal, erotica, fantasy, YA (mainly fantasy/romance), and now NA. I crave a good story, strong characters, a lovely romance, a bit of humor and plenty of smexy times. The sexier the better! 🙂 In short, I want a story that sweeps me away from my mundane life!

6. What are your biggest turn-offs in a book? How about that special thing that always wins you over?
An annoying or TSTL heroine would probably be number one.
On the other hand, a heroine that I can relate to and understand can often make me love a book to the point of obsession. Case in point: I read Jill Shalvis’ RUMOR HAS IT last month and the heroine won me over because so much of her life and emotions and problems were the same damn things I’ve been dealing with over the years. It was real and I connected with her on a very personal level. I loved the writing and the story, and the hero was so sexy! But the heroine was the cherry on top; the rest of that book could have been utter crap and I still would have held it close to my heart because of the heroine. It’s very powerful when a book does that.

7. Where do you see your blog a year from now?
Expanding and improving–more reviews, more author visits and more giveaways. I’m toying with the idea of switching over to WordPress and self-hosting… Time will tell, I guess!

8. What do you think the next “big” thing in fiction will be?
I couldn’t even begin to tell you. Honestly, I don’t often keep up with the new trends. I read the books that appeal to me and pass on the ones that don’t (ie, 50 Shades….).

9. If money were no object, how would you spend your days?
Um, besides reading? 😉 Probably building and tending to my own personal heaven… I mean, library! (As it is, I own over 2000 print books, and let me tell you I ran out of room for them years ago. I dream of ways to add more shelves in my home….)

10. How can readers and writers find you?
Twitter: @The_Book_Queen
Facebook Page:


Thank you so very much for visiting Blogger Love today, Book Queen. Love, your humble subject, Selena. 😉

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