How to Get in the Mood For Concealed

Concealed Cover ebook

Getting in the right mood before you write a book is important, and getting in the right mood before you read it is too! Like a lot of writers, I listen to music all the time while I’m putting down new words. Sometimes it’s whatever is on my iPod, other times I find myself choosing particular music to go with the setting and characters I’m writing about.

Concealed takes place in what is arguably, my hometown, (where I was born) Austin, Texas. Austin is full of a rich mixture of cultures, and live music is what it’s famous for. Numerous well-known bands and artists have started their careers in Austin, and so when I wrote Concealed, music naturally became a big part of the experience for me.

Another aspect of Concealed that impacted the playlist was the abundant Hispanic culture that’s found in Austin and the rest of South Central Texas down to the Mexican border. The heroine of the story is from a strong Hispanic family, and Spanish language, food and music are all part of the feel of the book.

So, I promised the playlist for Concealed, and as you get ready to read it, you should sit down with a plate of enchiladas, a cold Tecate, and this playlist on your iPod. Then, join the party on my website and Facebook page all week long. I’ve got friends joining in, and several different giveaways running. It’ll be the perfect way to get in the mood. Enjoy!

Concealed Playlist

Gabe arrives: 2 Cool 2 Be 4-gotten, Lucinda Williams

Gabe “I remember you, always”: Girl From the Northcountry, Lions

Gabe Latino 101: Staying With Me, Los Lonely Boys

Alexis To Tell or Not to Tell: Snow Outside, Dave Matthews Band

Alexis Forbidden Love: Amor Prohibido, Selena Quintanilla Perez

Gabe Let’s Get It On: Lay Your Hands on Me, Bon Jovi

Gabe That’s My Girl: Pride and Joy, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Alexis Goes Home: Los Tiempos Van Cambiando, Frankie Perez and Los Guardianos del Bosque

Gabe She Drove Away: Train in Vain (Stand By Me), The Clash

Gabe Misery Loves Company: Heaven, Los Lonely Boys

Alexis Comes Back: He Got Away, Noah Gunderson and the Forest Rangers

Gabe His Addiction: Rewind, Paolo Nutini

Gabe Wishing: Waitin’ On The Day, John Mayer

Gabe and Alexis Forever: Love You ‘Till The End, The Pogues

I’ve shared this playlist on Spotify. Look For Me There: Selena Laurence!




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