A Primer on Lush

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It’s coming…A Lush Betrayal, the first book in my new rock star romance series, Lush. Book One will release the week of February 24th, and in the meantime, there are all sorts of ways to Lushified. But first, you need a Lush Primer.

Lush is the name of an Alt rock band based out of Portland. The band members are Joss Jamison-vocals, Mike Owens-Guitar, Walsh Clark-drums, and Colin Douglas-bass. Joss and Walsh have been best friends since elementary school. Mike grew up with them as well, and Colin arrived in the last two years of high school. The band started out playing together in Joss’s mom’s garage while they were in high school.

A Lush Betrayal takes place as the band is hitting the super big time. The guys are headlining their own world tour, and their hit single Your Air has just gone gold. Along for the tour are Tammy DiLorenzo, Walsh’s fiance and girlfriend since he was fourteen, and Tammy’s younger sister, Mel DiLorenzo, a recent graduate in Photojournalism who has been hired to document the band’s tour.

While all the guys have known Mel since she was a little girl, they haven’t seen her in the years she was away at college. When she walks back into the band’s life, well, let’s just say fireworks ensue.

The order of the books is as follows:

Lush No. 1 A Lush Betrayal – Joss and Mel

Lush No. 2 For The Love of A Lush – Walsh and Tammy

Lush No. 3 Lowdown and Lush – Mike and Jenny

Lush No. 4 A Lush Reunion – Colin and Darla

Check out the Lush website here, and the Lush Facebook page here. Then, on Monday February 10th you’ll get to see the cover for the very first Lush book, as well as find out all about the fantastic weeklong Lush release book club that I’ll be hosting. So check back here for all the details and the gorgeous cover reveal!

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