Summertime and the Living is…BUSY!

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It’s coming! That glorious time of year that (in the U.S. at least) reaches almost mythical status…Summer. Time for bar-b-ques and swimming pools, the beach, road trips, no school, cutting out of work early. We love our summers here. But, try hard as I may to keep my summer relaxing, I always end up with plans…lots and lots of plans.

So, here are some of my summer plans. Try to keep up, y’all!

June 20-22: I will be at RomCon in Denver, CO. Friday night I’ll be at the all-convention signing, Saturday I’ll be on a panel discussing Contemporary Romance, and Sunday I’ll be participating in a reading of “Firsts” fist meets, first kisses, first…well, you get the picture. If you’re attending RomCon please stop and say “hi” I’d love to meet you!

July: I’ll be releasing Buried, the final book in the Hiding From Love series. This story is about Juan, a member of a Latino gang, and an ex-convict struggling to forge a new life, and Beth, the sister of Alexis from Concealed. Beth is a graduate student at the University of Texas, and an idealist and social reformer. She grew up with Juan, and knows the beautiful soul that exists beneath the gangster exterior. But can she help him see that man still exists, or has he buried himself forever? I’m really excited about this book. Concealed was the number one Hispanic fiction novel in the country for a period of time, and Buried explores some aspects of immigrant culture in the American southwest that are emotional and explosive. This one’s going to grab you and not let go!

If you’re not familiar with the Hiding From Love series, now is the perfect time to read it. The entire series is on sale for a limited time.

You can buy Hidden for $.99 here: HIDDENcover

Camouflaged is FREE here: Camo cover


And Concealed is $.99 here: Concealed Cover ebook

August: I’ll be releasing Lowdown and Lush (Lush 3). I know everyone’s going to be clamoring for this one, and if I can get it done sooner I will, but I can only write so fast, y’all! Lush 3 is the story of rock band Lush’s extremely talented and very disfunctional guitarist, Mike Owens. After the band’s breakup, Mike has landed in Texas where he’s taken on (and been taken with) a young country singer named Jenny. Jenny is Mike’s polar opposite, he’s an Alpha bad boy through and through, she’s a kindergarten teacher and the preacher’s daughter. Can these two let go of their preconceptions to really get to know each other? I guarantee the journey will be H.O.T. This will probably be my steamiest novel to date, because well, that’s just how Mike is!

Sometime this Summer: I also hope to release the first of my new all-novella series, The Bittersweet Chronicles. Bittersweet, Alabama is a busy little town, and things are heating up everywhere. These novellas will have interconnected characters but be completely stand-alone books, quick reads that don’t require the commitment of reading a series. They will also be unique because they will include YA, NA and Adult romances (not all mixed in one book though!). The books will be coded so you know what age level you’re getting, and the steam factor will vary according to the age level. This idea started as a way for me to write something that my teenage daughter, and more traditional romance fans could read and enjoy. I’ll make sure that there are plenty of books in the series that are my usual steamier fare, but I’m also really looking forward to the opportunity to portray young love with its sweetness. A lot of my readers have teens themselves, so this might be a great way for them to read romances together!

If you’re not worn out from all this, I am! But, I’m also SO incredibly excited! It’s going to be a great summer. Keep watching as it unfolds!


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