New Release November!

skip to the good part

November has turned into a new release jackpot! The week of November 17th I’ll have not one but TWO releases. The first is Lowdown and Lush, the third book in my Lush rockstar romance series. This story is about Mike Owens, the Lush lead guitarist and general bad boy, and Jenny Turner, preacher’s daughter and aspiring country western singer. Sound like opposites? Well, you’re very right, but we all know what happens to opposites, right?

Here’s the Lowdown on the newest Lush:

Mike Owens is the devil. Sexy, snarky, and as lowdown as they come, he’s one of the world’s greatest guitarists and one of Portland’s most notorious bad boys.
Jenny Turner is an angel. A preacher’s daughter, she’s a good girl with a great voice and a dream to hit it big in country music.
When these two opposites meet, the attraction is undeniable, but something’s stopping the bad boy from pursuing what he desires most. Can this angel handle the truth behind her devil? Or will his secrets be too Lowdown and Lush?

Add Lowdown and Lush on Goodreads here:

My second November release is the steamy anthology Skip to the Good Part. This collection of super sexy scenes from twenty authors will help you discover your next great read. And the best thing is, Skip to the Good Part is available for preorder right now at only $.99! Go grab a copy quickly so you don’t miss out on the deal!

Preorder at Amazon:

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for in November. Hope you enjoy the new reads!


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