Happy New Year — Here’s to a Great 2015!!

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Okay, you know the drill, it’s required writing to do a New Year’s post, I can’t get left behind. But, I do have some exciting and important things to share, so here’s to a Great 2015!

Books: Let’s face it, it’s all about them books! So, what can you expect from me in terms of books this year? Some super great stuff that I’m very excited about. Take a look…

The Bittersweet Chronicles: Pax – A serial. The Bittersweet Chronicles are an all novella/serial collection that take place in the small town of Bittersweet, Alabama. Imagine my surprise when I started writing and discovered that they’re also a spin-off of the Lush world! *Cue Squeeing* Yes, you’ll see some Lush characters and spin-off characters in Bittersweet. Pax is the first installment, and it will be released in serial form, six parts over seven weeks. Look for the first installment in the second half of January!

Crystal Falls. I’m super excited to be writing my first standalone, traditional contemporary romance. Set in a small town in eastern Colorado, Crystal Falls is about second chances and forbidden loves. Crystal is recently divorced, unemployed, and living with her parents. It’s the triple crown of epic failure, and definitely not what she wants her best friend’s sexy, successful younger brother, Rob, witnessing. Crystal Falls is slated to release sometime in March.

A Lush Reunion (Lush 4). Yes, it will be a bittersweet year as I close out the Lush series. I can’t thank all of you enough for the love you’ve given my rock stars. The final book in the series will be about the band’s bass player, Colin, and it will tie up all the loose ends of the Lush saga. Look for it in the late spring.

Love in the Isles. This trilogy of standalone books is New Adult Romantic Suspense, and in 2015 I’ll be aiming to put out the first two books in the trilogy: Speaking Greek, and Dancing Irish. Look for them in the fall and winter.

My guess is these four novels and one novella/serial will keep me plenty busy for the year. If I happen to find myself with time to produce something else, it will be the second in the Bittersweet line-up: Lyric, a novella.

Giveaways. I’ve got twenty-four brand new paperbacks that I’ve collected from various events. I’ll be giving away two each month this year! Most are romance (of course!) but there are a few surprises in the batch too. I’ll provide a couple of ways to enter the giveaways, and I’ll announce them on the first and third Friday of each month on all of my social media (and here on my blog!).

Sales. I will continue to have lots of great sales this year, possibly as often as once a month, so make sure to watch this blog and my social media accounts for those announcements.

Travel. Okay, here’s where 2015 gets tough. I attended three signing events in 2014, two of them out-of-state. It was fun and educational, and I adored getting to meet some online friends in person. However, just like life, running a writing business is a constant battle of trade-offs. I have to take into account costs of time, money and energy with benefits of exposure, reader interactions and earnings. Every time I go to an out-of-state signing event it takes two weeks of preparation on my part, a thousand dollars or more, and a great deal of mental energy (I’m shy, y’all it’s tough for me to leave Mr. L and the kids and face down a ballroom full of readers, no matter how sweet they are!). In light of all that, I’ve decided to cancel out-of-state signing events for 2015. I am still looking into a couple of options for events located in Denver near where I live, and I’ll be attending the national RWA conference (my first!) in July in New York City, but I feel that at this point, my time and energy are best spent writing more books.

I’m so fortunate that I get the opportunity to interact with readers every single day online, so don’t ever hesitate to contact me that way. In a perfect world I could come see you all at the events closest to your homes too, but for now, I’m staying home to write you more books!

I’m really excited about this year’s line-up of books, and about the state of the publishing world right now. 2014 was a tough year for a lot of writers, but I weathered it well, and I know that 2015 is going to be a growth year for me in terms of my writing and my sales. I can’t thank you all enough for being with me on such a thrilling journey these last two years, and I’m so lucky to have you along for the next part as well.

Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year — Here’s to a Great 2015!!

  1. Happy New Year! To u and urs too. I’m so excited for u! I’m also glad to here about all the things u have planned for us readers and itself.Looking forward to all ur New and continueing books/shorties. Sad to here Lush finale is soon but all Great things must come to an end…just gives more room for the new!🙌 Hope to see u soon…in books s
    Don’t think I could travel,but looking forward to ur awesome writing.

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