This One’s For You Sweet Girl!


Those of you who’ve read my books know that I’m on the steamy side. I don’t get “kinky” (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) but I do get graphic. It’s not writing to the market or some attempt at being controversial (because please, sex these days is about as controversial as potato chips), it’s just what comes out when I write.

However, I have kids, and specifically a sixteen-year-old daughter who loves romances. I keep her supplied with Jennifer L. Armentrout, Rachel Harris, and other great YA Rom writers I know, but she’s long been sad that she can’t read MY books, and honestly, it makes me kind of sad too!

Sometime last year I had an idea (I know, right? I have about ten a minute, but this one stuck around long enough to get written down) for a series of novellas set in a small town in the south. I thought they could be shorter pieces I would use to fill gaps between novels. Because let me tell you, writing novel after novel after novel is really hard (at least for me, I tend to skew short). I also thought they’d be a fun place to experiment–with the ages of protagonists, tropes, etc. I was in the kitchen chatting to Mr. L. about this fabulous idea, when sixteen-year-old sighed and said, “Are you ever going to write something I can read, Mom?”

That’s when I decided to make the Bittersweet Chronicles something my daughter could read—shorter works, set in a southern beachside town, more sweet than steamy. The concept stuck around, I talked about it, I had stops and starts, and finally, I began to write the first in the line. Imagine my surprise when the first story turned out to be about the son of one of my Lush rock stars! Yeah, when you’re a writer, sometimes these things happen, and they snowball, and before you know it you have the first Bittersweet Chronicle and it’s called Pax, and it’s about Walsh the Lush drummer’s son, and it’s Romantic Suspense, and it’s PG13 instead of R, and it’s a serial. *pauses to catch breath*

Did you get all that? A New Adult Romantic Suspense serial on the sweet side. Now, say that five times fast, and add “Lush spin-off” at the end. The bottom line is, I wrote a fun story, about characters and a world I love, and it makes my daughter happy. That’s a win in my book. I hope it’s a win in yours as well.

This one’s for you sweet girl!

The Bittersweet Chronicles: Pax (a serial in six parts)—Part I releases January 19th

Subsequent parts release Jan. 26, Feb. 2, 16, 23, and March 2.

Pax Clark is rock and roll royalty. The son of one of rock’s most famous drummers, he wants nothing more than a career in music. But sometimes family can be a burden, and Pax is committed to making it on his own. After legally changing his name, and taking off for a new town, he sets out to prove that he can be his own man.

Carly Nelson is eighteen and in trouble. Her father died leaving her a hundred thousand dollars in debt to a loan shark, and she’s the collateral. When she meets her cousin’s good friend Pax, the attraction is undeniable, but can he save her without risking everything?

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