Tuesday Teaser


kingmaker flag

In my efforts to actually use the beautiful website/blog that I pay for, I’m thinking Tuesday Teasers need to be more than just a graphic with a couple of lines from a book. How about a snippet sized look at my WIP of the moment each week? You all know that THE KINGMAKER is coming in April, and I’m in revisions this whole week before it goes off for its third round of edits. So, even though I’m an only child, and we’re notoriously poor at sharing, I’m going to give you a peek:

She watched him for a moment, neither of them moving, but his own breath coming in faster huffs as he saw her chest rise and fall. Then her tongue darted out to lick her full, dark lips, and something inside of him snapped. Want spread through him like floodwaters filling an empty river basin. Desire seeped into every corner, every spare inch of his being. And then it burned. An ember just waiting to take a big gulp of oxygen and burst into flames.

A voice inside his head told him he was fucked. Totally and utterly fucked. And this idea was doomed too, just as he was doomed. But that want, that sizzling ember of desire wouldn’t allow him to care. It wouldn’t allow for anything but the fixation on the oxygen it needed to live fully.

Her. It wanted her.


Amazon: http://amzn.to/219xcXM

Kobo: http://bit.ly/20Qd47C

iTunes: http://apple.co/219xv4Y

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