Rocktober Is Here!

I’ve declared this Rocktober because RACING TO RHAPSODY is on the way! It will release October 25th, and here is the cover!











While you wait, I thought I’d tell you a little about this second standalone book in the Rhapsody series. I’m so excited for you all to read this one. Dez is dreamy!

She’s Racing…

Shannon Gunn lives life in the fast lane. She drives fast, talks fast, and is one of the fastest-rising managers in the music industry. But Shannon’s also scared–scared to fail, scared she won’t be loved, and scared to need someone.

He’s Waiting…

Dez Takimoto lives life in the Zen lane. He’s wise beyond his years, a kind soul, and a highly-respected member of Rhapsody, the rock band he started with his best friend. But what Dez wishes for most in life is passion–the kind that moves mountains, steals hearts, and runs soul-deep.

Two Hearts Collide.

When Shannon and Dez are thrown together for a whirlwind Rhapsody promo tour, she races into his heart and he discovers that true passion can be as intensely painful as it is beautiful.

She won’t slow down long enough to fall, he wants her last race to be to him…the collision could be catastrophic.

AND, there’s more for Rocktober…


The entire Lush Series is on sale for $0.99 at all these retailers:

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Happy Reading

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