Ten Books, Twelve Months, January Update.

Hellooo! It’s me, the one who said she’s going to release ten books in twelve months, and while there are plenty of authors who do that, I know quite a few of my friends think I’m insane to try it. So, I told you about it in October, updated you in November, and then December came, and we all know what that does to regular life!

But this is your January update and here’s where I’m at: I released a book in October (RACING TO RHAPSODY), and I’ve written two since then–POTUS (releases Jan 20th)and CADE’S LOSS (releases Feb 27th). I delayed writing the second half of THE CZAR until later this year, but I fit it later in the schedule just fine, so I’m not concerned about getting it done. Right now I’m writing a Rhapsody novella. It’s a two week project and it will be done on Sunday. I’m on schedule. And guess what? I took off TWO weeks in December. Yep. You heard that right.

Here’s what I’m learning:

  1. Keeping my contractors on schedule is a big job when I’m producing this many books. I have a timeline that I look at every single day and I have to check in with lots of other people on a regular basis to get this all done. I’m currently working with two editors, two cover designers, one formatter, two contacts at my paperback distributor, one blog tour coordinator, three translators, two contacts at my publicity company, two different co-promo coordinators, and my PA. Some I talk to on a daily basis, some on a weekly basis, but I have to keep track of the schedules for every one of them to ensure that the production and promo process runs smoothly. I even bought an actual planner, y’all. A paper one. And I use it!!
  2. In that same vein, my contractors are THE BEST. And if it weren’t for them I could never do this. Never. I feel so fortunate that I’ve found a group of women who are professional and hardworking, and committed. I am really blessed with all of them, and can’t stress enough that if you want to increase your production for a period of time, remember that the writing is only half the story. Make sure you have your team in place and that you can rely on them before you embark on something like doubling the number of books you write in a year!
  3. The more you do this the easier it gets. I’m amazed now when I sit down and write 3k words in a couple of hours and it wasn’t painful. That’s not to say that this is easy, or that all the words are good, but it really does start to get easier. Writing a novella I can do 2-3k a day for two weeks and knock it out. That’s some kind of awesome, right? I love that. Writing a full-length book in a month is the same word goals, but it’s harder to keep that up for thirty straight days. However, I’ve done it, and I’m doing it, and it’s not as horrible as it sounds.
  4. Suck it up, Buttercup. Burnout is a real thing, and I don’t advocate any writer pushing themselves to the point of being sick or depressed. Sometimes you just can’t write because your well needs to be refilled. BUT, this schedule is making me a little less sympathetic to the woes of some writers. Because here’s the thing: It’s like any other muscle, and if you don’t exercise it, it won’t get stronger. That’s why NaNo exists. It’s a way to get us to do it every single day so that hopefully that becomes a habit. Unfortunately too many of us are extremists who will go balls to the wall for NaNo and then crawl back into our sloth holes as soon as it’s done.  Here’s my advice: moderation, people. In all things. You might think that there’s nothing moderate about ten books in twelve months, but I’m actually very moderate. I’m writing 2-3k words a day most days (your moderate wordcount might be less or more than that, so be honest with yourself). And when I hit a day like I did last Friday where I just don’t feel like I can do it…I don’t! And low and behold, after a day of laying around, reading, watching TV, going out to eat with my husband, etc. I felt better and then I wrote the next day and the next and the next. See how that works? Not 10k a day, not six weeks off, moderation.

Here’s a list of the releases for the next few months. You can keep an eye out and see if I get them all done 😉

January 20th: POTUS (A Powerplay Novel)
Februrary 6th: DREAMING OF RHAPSODY (A Rhapsody Novella)
February 27th: CADE’S LOSS (California Cowboys 1)
March 21st: THE CZAR (standalone hockey romance)
May 1st: SCOTUS (A Powerplay Novel)


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