Look closely above, you might see Demon Cat!

Once upon a time I worked in offices and wrote things like policy briefs and marketing plans. Then I had babies and decided it was more fun to hang out with them. But in 2012, I sat down to write a PhD dissertation and ended up writing a novel instead. I had no idea what I was doing, but after finding other writers to critique it, I ended up submitting the book and getting my first publishing contract. That little book hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time, but I’ll always be grateful for it because it showed me what was possible–I could write the romance novels I loved to read.

Seven years later, I’m still writing about love (and all sorts of other things), and while the road has had more than a few bumps, writing romance will always be what I want to do more than virtually anything else in the world.

Writing and publishing books is tougher than it’s ever been these days, and the system rewards uniformity. While I understand the appeal of authors who write very consistent themes and genres, it’s never been how I work.

I write what I like to call “One of a Kind Romance.” It’s not cookie cutter, it may not use tropes in expected ways, and I write in more than one subgenre. I might release a mafia romance and a small town romance and a political romance all in the same year, and I might write in first person for one book, and third person for another. It’s kind of unorthodox these days, but it’s who I am. And really, don’t you get tired of reading the same billionaire book over and over again only with a different cover?

So while I can’t promise you identical books with different covers all year long, I can promise you this: great writing, characters you want to know in real life, genuine emotions, and gorgeous Happily Ever Afters. Always.

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Big Love,