This is a list of all my backlist books with descriptions and available formats. If you want links to the sales pages, please click on “All Selena’s Links” in the menu at the top of this page.

THE LUSH SERIES: Rockstar contemporary romance. Heat level = high. Mood=angsty/dramatic. Tropes include band of brothers, best friend’s little sister, second-chance romance, and opposites attract.

A Lush Betrayal (book 1/ebook, paperback, audio)

Loving a Lush (book 2/ebook, paperback, audio)

Lowdown and Lush (book 3/ebook, paperback, audio)

A Lush Reunion (book 4/ebook, paperback, audio)

THE RHAPSODY SERIES: Crossover from the Lush series, Rockstar contemporary romance. Heat level = high. Mood = angsty/dramatic. Tropes include Romeo and Juliet (lovers from opposing camps), bisexual hero, multicultural romance, single mother, hero on the autism spectrum.

A Lush Rhapsody (book 1/ebook, paperback, audio)

Racing to Rhapsody (book 2/ebook, paperback, audio)

Addicted to Rhapsody (book 3/ebook, paperback, audio)

Dreaming of Rhapsody (book 4, novella/ebook)

THE POWERPLAY SERIES: Political contemporary romance. Heat level = high to erotic. Mood = dramatic/emotional. Tropes include escort with a heart of gold (Pretty Woman), multicultural romance, strong heroine, office romance, powerful alpha heroes.

Reporting for Love (book 1, novella/ebook, paperback)

The Kingmaker (book 2/ebook, paperback, audio)

The President’s Man (book 3/ebook, paperback, audio)

The Justice (book 4/ebook, paperback, audio)

Soldier for Love (book 5, novella/ebook)

THE CALIFORNIA COWBOYS SERIES: Western contemporary romance. Heat level = medium. Mood = emotional/sweet. Tropes include, band of brothers, small-town, single dad, second chance, friends to lovers.

Cade’s Loss (book 1/ebook, paperback, audio)

Vaughn’s Pride (book 2/ebook, paperback, audio)

Ty’s Heart (book 3/ebook, paperback, audio)

THE DUBLIN DEVILS SERIES: Irish Mafia romantic suspense. Heat level = low. Mood = gritty/dramatic. Tropes include, band of brothers, powerful alpha heroes, second chance romance, star-crossed lovers. This is a trilogy, so while the overarching plot and the overall HEA aren’t resolved until book 3.

Breath of Deceit (book 1/ebook, paperback, audio)

Brush of Despair (book 2/ebook, paperback, audio)

Touch of Dark (book 3/ebook, paperback)

STANDALONE ROMANCES: These unique contemporary romance billionaire books stand alone although they’re all linked via Chicago and the Norsemen hockey team. Heat level = high. Mood = emotional to light. Tropes include boss-intern, office romance, royal romance, opposites attract.

The Heir (ebook, paperback)

The Czar (ebook, paperback)

The Duke (ebook, paperback)

THE HIDING FROM LOVE SERIES: New Adult romantic suspense. Heat level = high. Mood = angsty/suspenseful. Tropes include second chance romance, military heroes, multicultural romance, mafia romance, best friend’s little sister, damaged hero.

Camoflauged (book 1, novella/ebook)

Hiding From Love (book 2/ebook)

Concealed (book 3/ebook)

Buried (book 4/ebook)