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In my efforts to actually use the beautiful website/blog that I pay for, I’m thinking Tuesday Teasers need to be more than just a graphic with a couple of lines from a book. How about a snippet sized look at my WIP of the moment each week? You all know that THE KINGMAKER is coming in April, and I’m in revisions this whole week before it goes off for its third round of edits. So, even though I’m an only child, and we’re notoriously poor at sharing, I’m going to give you a peek:

She watched him for a moment, neither of them moving, but his own breath coming in faster huffs as he saw her chest rise and fall. Then her tongue darted out to lick her full, dark lips, and something inside of him snapped. Want spread through him like floodwaters filling an empty river basin. Desire seeped into every corner, every spare inch of his being. And then it burned. An ember just waiting to take a big gulp of oxygen and burst into flames.

A voice inside his head told him he was fucked. Totally and utterly fucked. And this idea was doomed too, just as he was doomed. But that want, that sizzling ember of desire wouldn’t allow him to care. It wouldn’t allow for anything but the fixation on the oxygen it needed to live fully.

Her. It wanted her.


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Tuesday Teaser – from Nothing Left To Lose by Kirsty Moseley

Wow. The last two weeks have been crrrazy! Both Hidden and Camouflaged have been Top 50 bestselling Military Romances in the US and Great Britain, I gave away (!) over 19,000 copies of Hidden, and it released in paperback!

So, now it’s time to put fingers to keyboard so I can finish the sequel, Concealed. While I’m doing that I thought I’d let someone else give you a teaser this week.

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Kirsty Moseley has written several books including, The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window, which was one of Ten Finalists in the Goodreads Readers’ Choice Awards for Best YA Fiction. Visit her website at http://www.kirstymoseley.com/ for more!

Her newest book, Nothing Left to Lose, releases this week. Here’s a little teaser.

As soon as I laid eyes on her, I knew I was in trouble. She looked so incredibly vulnerable. Her eyes were cold and distant and held a pain that I couldn’t bear to think about. She had seen things that no one should ever see. Carter had broken not only her body, but her spirit too.

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Tuesday Teaser – Concealed!

Okay, now that Camouflaged is out (yes, buy it here! http://amzn.to/1duopGr) everyone is dying to know about Gabe and Alexis…and well, really mostly about Gabe. Yes, he’s a popular guy, and no his story isn’t done yet!

Here’s a rundown of the Hiding From Love Series:

Camo cover

Camouflaged Novella #0.5, Gabe and Alexishttp://amzn.to/1duopGr


Hidden Novel #1, Nick (Gabe’s best friend) and Lyndseyhttp://amzn.to/13Lk7Hz

Concealed Novel #2, Gabe and Alexis — Dec/Jan 2014

Buried Novel #3, Juan and Beth (Alexis’s sister) — April 2014

Y’all are making this a lot of fun for me. Thanks for reading! <3, Selena

Now, from Concealed, here’s your teaser – and your Gabe 😉

“We had an agreement. And don’t try to tell me your feelings changed. I can see it in your face. Nothing’s changed in those two years. Not one damn thing.” He stepped closer, forcing me to back up against the door, then he put his hands on either side of my head. He leaned in to me, and breathed deeply. “God, you still smell the same. Like flowers and Alexis.”

Handsome man passionately kissing girl in neck