#Passion2Profession: 9 Books in 12 Months, the final update

In January I started a major push to pad my backlist: writing 10 books in 12 months. I’ve given periodic updates throughout the year, and with my final release for 2017 happening today, I’m writing my final update. So, first of all, where did I end up? I wrote and released 9 books between January […]

#Passion2Profession: Reaching 100%

My husband often calls me the 90% girl. I work fast, I’m efficient, but when I get things to the 90% mark, I call it good. It’s not that I don’t finish things–I do–it’s just that if it’s 90% of the way to perfect, I stop. “Close enough” I say, nothing’s ever perfect, right? Wrong. […]

#Passion2Profession: Fear…So Much Fear.

If I were to pick a word for this week, it would be “Fear.” There is fear in the world-at-large with bad men and big weapons everywhere from country music concerts to Asian dictatorships, there is fear in the world of publishing with sales seeming to dip and dip and dip, until we have to […]

#Passion2Profession: Editing, Writing, and Story

When I started this series I swore to myself I wasn’t going to talk about editing, because seriously how many forums, groups, and loops are you on where people ask for recommendations for editors? It’s the oldest, most repeated question in Indie land. So, I’m going to stick to at least part of my pledge, […]

#Passion2Profession: New Releases and Stocking Your Store

I had a release recently. One of many this year. And that could be a nightmare…if I still gave a damn. But here’s the thing: the majority of the time, for Midlist authors, releases will be underwhelming. There was a time–before KU–when a release was worth all the watching and hoping. You’d wake up early, […]