#Passion2Profession: Editing, Writing, and Story

When I started this series I swore to myself I wasn’t going to talk about editing, because seriously how many forums, groups, and loops are you on where people ask for recommendations for editors? It’s the oldest, most repeated question in Indie land. So, I’m going to stick to at least part of my pledge, […]

#Passion2Profession: New Releases and Stocking Your Store

I had a release recently. One of many this year. And that could be a nightmare…if I still gave a damn. But here’s the thing: the majority of the time, for Midlist authors, releases will be underwhelming. There was a time–before KU–when a release was worth all the watching and hoping. You’d wake up early, […]

Release of Vaughn’s Pride!

●☆●☆● VAUGHN’S PRIDE IS NOW AT ALL RETAILERS ●☆●☆● And to Celebrate I’ve put the first in this series of standalone books on SALE for 99cents! Grab CADE’S LOSS Here —>> Amazon | iBooks | Nook | Kobo | AmazonUK | Amazon CA Now, here’s all about the second installment in the Jenkins brothers’ saga, VAUGHN’S PRIDE: […]

#Passion2Profession: Social Media or Soul Sucking Waste of Time

  I’m writing a post this week, but not expecting anyone to read it because the world has gone mad, and honestly, what’s a blog about how to do your job a little better in the midst of that? But, in light of everything that’s going on, the topic today was pretty much a given: […]

#Passion2Profession: Your Health

This week I finished book #8 of 10 for 2017. And it seemed like a really good point to talk openly and honestly about health–physical and mental–how it fits into doing this Indie writing gig as a profession, and what it means to work your ass off, but still take care of yourself. Let me […]