The Heir

A Billionaire, His Intern, and a Forbidden Romance that leads two lovers into dark family secrets.

Nico: It’s hard not to love my life. I have it all–looks, a family who dotes on me, and more money than God. I’m  the heir to a Greek shipping magnet, and one day I’ll own his international corporation. But I have to admit, sometimes it’s all too easy, and I wonder what life would have been like if everything wasn’t handed to me. Then I see her stumble off the ferry onto my family’s island, and I know that I want her. The only problem? She’s my new intern. Finally, something that’s not so easy.

Tess: Some people say I’m boring, I follow the rules to a ‘T,’ work hard at everything I do, and already know exactly what I want my future to look like. But what might seem boring to others is successful for me, because I just scored an internship in Greece for the school year. I can’t wait to prove my worth at a company like Stephanos Shipping . Things look even better when I stumble off of the ferry and straight into the arms of a very hot guy. Only problem? He’s my new boss. Following the rules just got a lot harder.

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