Playing With Fire


playing-with-fireShe’ll never stop loving the boy he was, or the man he’s become
Beth Garcia grew up chasing after her older brother David and his best friend, Juan, dreaming of a day Juan would see her as someone other than David’s little sister. When Juan joined a gang and disappeared, she thought her chance was gone. Now Juan’s back, and the gentle boy she once knew is a hardened man, pushing her away. But Beth sees the spark of desire in his eyes, and she vows to fight for a love she was once denied.

He betrayed her once to save his life—he’ll betray her again to save hers
As a teen, Juan Martinez lost everything—his family, his home, the only life he’d ever known. Alone and desperate, he turned to a violent gang for protection. But when you sell your soul to the devil, you pay a heavy price. Juan served hard time, and now, out on parole, he only wants to disappear—from the gang, from memories of better times, and especially from the gorgeous woman who captured his heart all those years ago. Because being with Beth means dragging her into his dangerous past—and Juan’s past isn’t done with him yet.

To escape his past, they’ll have to create an even more powerful future
As their passion ignites, Juan and Beth are faced with a threat that could destroy it all: Juan’s former gang wants him back, and they won’t take no for an answer. Forced to confront living a life he hates to save the woman he loves, Juan feels helpless yet again. But this time, he has Beth, and she won’t give up the only love she’s ever known. She’ll fight to the end to save the man who may not know how to save himself.

originally published as Buried

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