Lush Series

Welcome to the Lush Rock Star series. These super steamy stories can all be read as standalones, with each book following one band member as he meets his perfect match. If you want the full story of the band itself, read all four! Lush is just what the name implies: emotional, dramatic, and full of bad boys doing bad things.


Joss Jamison is the sexy lead singer of the up and coming rock band Lush. But he hides a secret that could destroy everything he’s worked so hard to achieve. Mel Dilorenzo is his best friend’s little sister, and off-limits. A summer tour brings Joss and Mel together, but will his secrets blow them apart? One rock tour, one big mistake, one burning desire, can Mel and Joss survive the ultimate betrayal?

Walsh Clark has survived a lot–alcoholism, the break-up his band, Lush, and the betrayal of the love of his life, Tammy DiLorenzo. Now Walsh is hiding out on a ranch in north Texas, working to stay sober and steer clear of his old life. Tammy DiLorenzo knows how to be one thing: Walsh Clark’s girlfriend, and she’s not about to give that up. How much love does it take to forgive? And do Tammy and Walsh have enough of it to survive?