Selena Teaches English

Hello! Welcome to my teaching world, please make yourself at home! I’m Selena, and all my life I’ve been in love with the English language. My passion led me to win a story writing contest at twelve, get a university degree in English at twenty-two, work in technical writing for both government and business, teach in schools at all levels including college, and finally write over twenty novels that have been published in four languages, made into audiobooks, and sold around the world.

Then one day I volunteered at my local immigrant and refugee center, and I fell in love again. I met and cared for children and families from as far away from me as Myanmar, and as near as Mexico, and I realized that the more we communicate with one another the closer we all become. Every time we have a conversation with someone from somewhere else, it makes the world a more understanding place, a friendlier place, a place where we can enjoy true community.

And that’s when I decided to combine my passions. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my time than meeting people from all over the world, helping them communicate with one another, and using my passion for language to create community! To learn more about my English as a second language tutoring services, or to get tips for how to build community, click here!