#Passion2Profession: Before You Go To RWA

Next week is the annual RWA conference, and with that comes a whole slew of questions and problems that writers have to face. That’s why this week’s #Passion2Profession post is dedicated to helping you KEEP the passion while pursuing the profession. Let’s start with the whole idea of professional organizations. Indie writers tend to be […]

#Passion2Profession Outsourcing

I had a request to make today’s topic about outsourcing. I’ve been doing a lot of it this year, so I’ll tell you what I’ve learned. And I’ll start by saying this post is predicated on the assumption you absolutely outsource your covers and editing. If not, that’s a whole separate topic. I’ll summarize by […]

#Passion2Profession Production

Welcome to my first blog in the series #Passion2Profession. If you want a little description of the series and who it’s designed for, click here. #Passion2Profession posts won’t be in a particular order. Posts will occur once a week or so, and if there is a topic you’re particularly interested in reading about feel free […]

Announcing the Launch of #Passion2Profession!

For quite a while now I’ve been interested in creating something that speaks to writers who aren’t complete novices but aren’t bestsellers either. Writers who have published a book or two or three, and know the fundamentals (like you need a professional editor and cover artist), but are still struggling to figure out the bazillion […]

Ten Books, Twelve Months, February Update

  It’s time again! Wow, those 3-4 weeks fly by fast, but it’s time for an update on my year of insanity, better known as writing/releasing ten books in twelve months. First up, The Releases: I released my first book of the year, POTUS in January (it was written in 2016, obviously, but for the […]