BREATH OF DECEIT is Live on Amazon and FREE in KU!

Happy Release day everyone! The first book in my new Romantic Suspense series, BREATH OF DECEIT, is available on all Amazon sites and FREE in KU! This book has been a true work of passion for me. After years of watching shows like Sons of Anarchy, Animal Kingdom, The Sopranos, and Billions, I had to admit it to myself: I love dark, gritty, suspense.

So, I decided to go for it, write the book I’d always dreamed of, one that has ALL the things:  suspense, family drama, crime, heroes, sacrifice, and yes, just enough romance to make us want more. It was scary, and it was an entirely new challenge, but I knew it was time to give my dream a shot. The Dublin Devils were born, and today you can meet Cian, Liam, Finn, and Connor for yourselves. Four brothers born into the Irish mob, fighting to find a way out with the women they meet along the way. It’s available in ebook, paperback AND audiobook right now! I hope you’ll love the guys and their world as much as I do!

Here’s where to read it, and what early reviewers are saying:

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“Cian MacFarlane is one of the most complex and fascinating characters I’ve ever read in a book. This book has it all—turn the page suspense, a story of the bond between brothers, betrayals, secrets, and romance. BREATH of DECEIT is Selena Laurence at her finest.” – Sandra Owens, author of the bestselling K2 Team and Aces & Eights series.

“Selena Laurence takes readers on a wild and exciting ride filled with sizzling suspense and heart pounding intrigue. I want my very own Dublin Devils mobster!” — New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Sarah Castille.

“A rare combination of spine tingling suspense and burning romance. You don’t want to miss this.” —Award-Winning Author Scarlett Cole

“The powerful plot, the intense storyline, the perplexing characters, the polished delivery, the impeccable grammar and structure all combined into one product that resulted in an impassioned satisfying and eloquent read.” — Girls Just Wanna Have Books Blog

“a fantastic start to a mafia family focused suspense story…I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for book two.” — Between the Bookends Blog

“I am not a big fan of mobster romances BUT, this one is really, really, REALLY GOOD!! It is exciting, intense, full of twists and turns and a beautiful romance that adds a richness to the story.” — Goodreads review

“full of twists and turns and will keep you hooked to every page.” — Goodreads Review

“This book is wonderfully written…I devoured every element of the story right from the start. I can’t wait for the next in this series.” — Goodreads Review

#Passion2Profession: New Releases and Stocking Your Store

I had a release recently. One of many this year. And that could be a nightmare…if I still gave a damn. But here’s the thing: the majority of the time, for Midlist authors, releases will be underwhelming. There was a time–before KU–when a release was worth all the watching and hoping. You’d wake up early, check the ranking every hour, watch it rise slowly, then after dinner see it soar, and often you’d have to stay up really late because it would continue to rise, possibly dancing into that Top 100 territory, often hitting Top 10 in a category.

Then came KU. And suddenly, out of nowhere, rankings began to fall, for existing books and new releases. Making the Top 100 overall and even in categories became a dream of the past. These days, if you’re not already one of the power brokers of romance fiction, you’re looking at overall rankings in the four digits not the three for new releases, and for a lot of writers, those rankings are in the five digits, even with preorders added in.

So here’s some advice I got early on in my career, that applies now more than ever: You’re in this for the long haul. There are some lucky people who hit it big in this business with one book, or two, or three. They are absolutely, positively the EXCEPTIONS. Do not fall into the trap of looking at them for your example of anything. There are other things at play for most of those authors–things like having powerful friends in high places, or a previous career in marketing and p.r., or a spouse who earns enough that they can invest thousands of dollars in advertising right off the bat, and also just sheer good fortune–that perfect combination of time, place, and product that even they didn’t realize would happen.

For the rest of us–the other ninety plus percent–each new book is a small incremental shift in our progression toward earning respectable income as writers. And that can be hard. Especially if you view your books as children which far too many writers have been led to believe they should. Those first few books can feel as though they deserve the attention and expectations that a new baby does, but the more books you write, the more you realize you can’t put that much importance on each individual one.

Books are the most fun product in the world. And while you’re in the process of making one, you should enjoy it, get lost in that world, research and fine tune and fall in love with your characters. That’s the joy of writing. But once you’re done, you have to make the shift from writer to business person. You have a store, you place products in it, some will sell better than others, but you need all of them, and together they are what makes your stock–you have to keep adding to your stock, replenishing and reorganizing it in order to keep your store fresh and marketable.

If you owned a t-shirt store, you’d design new t-shirts regularly, and you’d put the newest designs up front in the window. They would help attract buyers to walk into your store, and then they’d see the rest of your t-shirts–some old staples, some seasonal, some designed for special niche audiences. Those new designs in the window might be what attracts people to your store, but alone they can’t make or break your store, because you’re building a reputation as a t-shirt store that people can rely on. That might be for the wide range of t-shirts you offer, or one particular type of t-shirt you do better than anyone else in town, but either way, each new design you offer is an addition to your collection, a way to entice buyers to enter your store and look at everything you offer.

And so it is with each new release. None of us can predict with certainty which book might take off and become a big earner. But every book is another t-shirt on the rack. Another possible hook to pull passersby into your store. And as you add books to your backlist, you are incrementally filling your store, polishing your brand, and adding to your income. It’s a long haul. A slow climb, because writing books–even when you do it fast–is a slow process.

And that’s why what a book does on release isn’t nearly as important as what it does thereafter. Because once you have that book in your backlist, it’s there forever. It’s there for sales, and bundles, giveaways, and box sets. It’s there to apply for Book Bub, and spin off a new series, it’s there to put in KU, distribute wide, offer in audio, or have translated. It’s great if a book comes out with a bang, and it’s absolutely an indicator that it will be a high earner for you over time, but if it doesn’t have that momentous start? Don’t fret. Release is one day, that book will be working for you month after month, year after year, and you never know when some marketing tool will meet that book and turn it into a huge success. Bestsellers have been made out of books that have stagnated for years. There’s no telling what might happen. And worst case scenario, if it sells two copies a day for years on end, then it’s paying for the cup of coffee that helps you write new books that earn more.

In this journey, a select few are the hare, but most of us will be the tortoise. Enjoy the scenery, and keep your eye on the finish line.

Release of Vaughn’s Pride!


And to Celebrate I’ve put the first in this series of standalone books on SALE for 99cents!

Grab CADE’S LOSS Here —>> Amazon | iBooks | Nook | Kobo | AmazonUK | Amazon CA

Now, here’s all about the second installment in the Jenkins brothers’ saga, VAUGHN’S PRIDE:

Once upon a time a boy kissed his best friend…the rest is complicated.

“I hurt for and loved both Vaughn and T.J., turning page after page right up until the end.” — Rach Lawrence Books

Vaughn Jenkins is the youngest in a long line of proud men. But he was only seventeen when his parents were killed during a storm on a California highway. Seven years later, another stormy night nearly took Vaughn’s life. Now he’s half a leg lighter, full of shame and doubt, and taking it out on everyone around him, even the woman he’s loved most of his life.

T.J. Brisco is the girl next door. She and Vaughn grew up together, inseparable friends, then high school sweethearts. But when tragedy strikes, Vaughn retreats and this time is no different. She’s determined to help him recover from his devastating amputation. But Vaughn’s not going to make it easy. When his anger becomes too much for T.J.’s shattered heart, she decides that their story is over for good.

Now Vaughn is faced with the rest of his life–as an amputee, as a brother, as a man–and as T.J. moves on, Vaughn falls farther and farther behind. Can he learn to run fast enough to catch up to the only woman he’ll ever love? Or will his pride stand in their way forever?

Want to read an exclusive excerpt? Click here: USA Today HEA

Buy it here:  Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook | Amazon UK | Amazon CA |  Amazon AU | Paperback


Release Day: Addicted to Rhapsody!

For four years now I’ve written rock stars. It started with the Lush series about four guys in a band, best friends from childhood, and the consequences when one of them betrayed another. It was so popular that I did a spin-off series, Rhapsody. There are five members of this band, a different type of group, different issues, even more problems. And today, I’m releasing the fourth of five books in the Rhapsody series. The final book, a novella, will also be the final rock star book for me (at least in the foreseeable future). I have so many other ideas I want to play with, the rock stars are going to have to entertain themselves for a while 😉

Here’s all about ADDICTED TO RHAPSODY!

Guilt is the hardest habit to kick.

Garrett Jakes is the sexy and sex-addicted lead singer of Rhapsody. Now in recovery, he’s trying to clean up his act and atone for his mistakes. The only problem is he can’t stop the guilt he feels whenever he looks at his friend Savvy. They have history, and he’s not sure if he’s helping or hurting when he tries to become a bigger part of her life.

 Savvy Scott is a widow and a mom at twenty-eight. She watched as her husband was murdered while trying to protect her. Now she’s struggling to keep her husband’s business and his memory alive, and Garrett wants to help. The only problem is she can’t stop the guilt she feels whenever she looks at him. Their history is one that haunts her, and she’s not sure that’s something she can ever get past.

 As Savvy and Garrett struggle to overcome their demons, they must also face the one thing neither of them can ever take back. Will they learn how to honor and forgive, but also love and let go? Can something that started all wrong end up right? Or will guilt be a habit they simply can’t kick?


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Cade’s Loss is Here!!

The California Cowboys Series

As writers, we’re required to promote all of our books as if they are “equal.” And for the most part we do love each of our book children the same. But every once in a while one comes along that you have to admit is extra special. While I can tell you something that is unique and significant in every book I’ve written, there have been a couple that were “more” special than the others.

CADE’S LOSS is one of those books.

The idea for Cade’s Loss came when I was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway last summer all happy and buzzy on post-RWA conference vibes. The waves of Big Sur were crashing below when I looked at the inland side of the road and saw a sign for a cattle ranch. A cattle ranch next to the ocean? That concept fascinated me, and within a few minutes, the idea of the California Cowboys had been born.

It took several more months, some plotting sessions with my fabulous friend Heidi Joy Trethaway, and numerous cover designs, before the concept for the series was solidified, but once it was, I started to work on Cade’s Loss, and when I was done, I knew it was special. It’s probably the most traditional contemporary romance I’ve ever written, but at the same time, it’s a modern take on cowboy romance. Cade rides the range, but he also surfs. He  doesn’t say, “Howdy ma’am,” and he’s more worried about going organic than he is about how many tons his pickup will tow. However, he is still so many of those things we love about western heroes–he’s honorable, responsible, and he loves his family.

Plus, since Cade is a Selena Laurence hero he’s sizzling hot.

But you can see for yourself! Here’s an excerpt:

There was nothing that soothed Cade’s battered soul more than the ocean. He’d been that way as long as he could remember, spending every available moment at the beach, in the water, following his dad from wave to wave until he’d been better on a board than the old man. As he looked at the water now, he could almost see the outline of his dad’s form, riding the long tail of a wave midway out, sun on his hair that was the exact color of Cade’s, water spraying on his tan skin, weathered from the years of being outdoors. The familiar ache that was his companion so much of the last six years caught him like a hoof to the gut, and he swallowed, tasting the lime and tequila in the back of his throat as he blinked the painful image away.

And that was when he saw her. She was leaning on the glass wall that ran along the edge of the deck, her blonde curls blowing in the light breeze that came off the water. She had on a sundress, white cotton, like a little girl’s, but it was backless, tiny straps running over her slim shoulders, and with the sun shining through it, the long skirt was nearly transparent. He could see enough to know that she was wearing thong underwear or none at all, and that her legs were long and lean, curved in all the right places.

Before he could think about it, he’d snatched the other two shots off the bar and was walking toward her, drawn like a moth to a flame, ready to incinerate himself for only a moment of warmth. As he drew closer, he saw another man approaching from across the deck. He gave the guy a hard look, and the dude stepped off, hands up to communicate “no harm no foul.” Cade slid into position to her right and set the shots down on the railing.

“Tequila?” he asked, turning to look at her profile. She had high cheekbones, and her skin was dark for a blonde, a beautiful golden shade that made her look like she’d walked off the pages of a swimsuit magazine. Her nose was straight and small, turning up ever so slightly on the end, but her lips were full, covered in some sort of peach shiny stuff that Cade thought might taste quite good if he could lick it off her.

She turned to look at him when he spoke to her, and the breath was knocked clean out of him. Instead of the standard blue eyes that he’d expect from a blonde, hers were amber, almost glowing under the frame of thick black lashes. She blinked up at him, and Cade’s sore heart gave a jolt that nearly had him gasping.


Cade’s Loss is the first in three books about the Jenkins brothers and their Big Sur ranch along the Pacific Coast Highway. I hope you’ll love this book as much as I do. It’s available in both ebook and paperback, and well, just look at that cover ;).

Buy Cade’s Loss here:

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