#Passion2Profession Outsourcing

I had a request to make today’s topic about outsourcing. I’ve been doing a lot of it this year, so I’ll tell you what I’ve learned. And I’ll start by saying this post is predicated on the assumption you absolutely outsource your covers and editing. If not, that’s a whole separate topic. I’ll summarize by […]

Who’s That Girl?

It’s been a tumultuous six months on the Internet, hasn’t it? The U.S. elections and the fall-out from them have dominated FB, Twitter, and a whole lot of dinner table discussions. Some people are really sick of it, others are just getting started. Some don’t care at all, others have become virtually obsessed. And many, […]

What’s New This Year (hint: it’s a lot!)

It’s a brand new year and so it’s time for the annual blog post. I’m going to make the wrap-up portion fast because honestly, my 2016 wasn’t much better than most people’s, but my 2017 is going to rock. 2016 books I wrote: The Kingmaker A Lush Rhapsody Racing to Rhapsody POTUS Cade’s Loss (the […]

A Place For Us All

I complained on Facebook today…And created a firestorm. That’s what I get for bitching about things on the Internet. You’d think at my age I’d have learned…but no. Anyway, there was a ton of discussion that came out of it, relatively polite discourse for the most part, and people actually seemed to enjoy the topic, […]